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Jul 17, 2011 6:30am PDT
-size replica of the art in one of the world's most famous cities, hong kong. >> reporter: the arc rises next to a huge expensive bridge. it story begins with a unique partnership including a government, a developer and christian organization working together. in the late '90s hong kong needed a bridge. matthew know the arc theme park. >> there was a island that needed to be developed to enable the building of the bridge. >> reporter: as a lawyer for the developers, hugo chance message to the government was >> we can help you build the bridge. with the owners of the land on the island. build a theme park for the community. let us relocate the villagers and build a residential development. >> reporter: so the government built a bridge. but at first, they didn't know what kind of theme park. >> they had vision to do something remarkable. something outstanding. so they came up with many ideas. some of them were outrages and some unreasonable. >> reporter: but the big vision of the arc came from a little arc. >> it came from the heart of 8-year-old girl. she drew a little picture. her
Jul 7, 2011 1:00am PDT
yesterday, that hong kong and shanghai, moving in different directions. one thing analysts agree on this is likely to be the final interest rate rise in the current cycle in china. it's the third one this year. most say it's the last. inflation is expected to peak. we're seeing slower economic activity as a result of the rates to tackle inflation. in the other markets in japan, the nikkei ending a seven-day rally. it edged down by a couple of points. down to its four-month high. in australia, june's unemployment report beat expectations. the economy adding 23,500 jobs in june. the currency's stronger. the broader market flat. and in seoul, the cosbie was up and as samsung slid by almost 2%. it posted a 26% slump in second-quarter profits. the sale of flat-screen tvs and computers slump. looking ahead to the start of wall street, u.s. futures to a pretty healthy open. it's in the shadow of the big jobs number out tomorrow. >> indeed. we'll have to see what difference this makes. now, in the u.k., an enormous story, really, that is shaking the government in some ways. certainly put
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
from hong kong by our next guest. thank you so much for joining us. how does asia compared to the uk? >> asia is not immune from desperate in the work you have rambunctious media, hong kong is a particular example of that, they have their own stories as well. >> what role do it was polite in how the media response? >> you have to look at this example. let's look at hong kong. over the last 15 years, they had a very wild media. they have more than a dozen newspapers. you'll see a similar trajectory of media access, a couple of reaction, and government response. about 15 years ago, hong kong had a huge scandal in which there was a story about a woman who committed suicide by jumping out of a window and taking her young children with her. a few days later, at a very popular newspapers splashed photographs across the page of the way were supposedly not grieving. it turned out that the photographs were staged. there was a huge outcry. the commission recommended very harsh media laws. the media responded by -- >> what time prevents these councils from happening again? >> the media can do s
Jul 1, 2011 7:00pm PDT
gathered for the march. even central hong kong. the protesters called for power to be returned to the people. they also demanded the right to vote for their own chief executive. such an election is called for under the basic law that was adopted when hong kong reverted to china, but it has nevereen upheld. >> translator: we're only a yes man to china. there is no freedom or democracy. >> translator: china is busy focusing on economic growth, but it's leaving the human rights issue behind. >> earlier in the day an official ceremony was held to celebrate the return. chief executive donald tsang said that closer ties with the mainland china were helping with the hong kong economy. he referred to the chinese yuan in hong kong. >> translator: china's one country/two system policy is working well for the territory. >>> the operate over the troubled fukushima daiichi power plant says it will revise manuals for the cooling system. as we've been reporting all week, the operation has repeatedly been suspended because of a number of human errors. tepco started the device which decon t. in
Jul 14, 2011 1:00am PDT
morning to you from cnn rome. >> and good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm pauline chu and this is "world business today." these are the top stories on this thursday, july 14th. running on empty and running out of time on both sides of the atlantic. there's a tense stalemate in washington as lawmakers fail yet again to head off the looming debt default. >>> meanwhile, italy races to push through austerity measures and restore confidence in the country's economy. >>> plus, rupert murdoch is in damage control mode as the crisis at newscorp continues after he ditches his bid for bskyb. >>> but first, a tide of debt trouble seems to be rising on both sides of the atlantic with lawmakers in a number of countries, frantically trying to cope with their country's financial woes. in the united states, as we speak, talks to raise the country's borrowing limit have once again, it seems, hit the buffers. and moody's says as a result of that it's putting the united states on sovereign's on credit watch negative for potential downgrade. here in europe, italy is grabbing the headlines. it's planning a $
Jul 25, 2011 1:00am PDT
afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm manisha tank. this is cnn on monday, july 25. >>> the united states is closer to defaulting oven its debt. >>> putting a face on the case. dominic strauss-kahn's accuser goes public. >>> tying the knot in new york, they legalize same-sex marriage. >>> well, there's still no deal to raise the mighty u.s. treasury's debt limit and time is running out with only eight days with united states left stricken, unable to pay its bills. treasury secretary timothy geithner has good reason to worry. if they don't come up with a framework by monday night, washington will not make the deadline of august 2nd to avoid default. the pressure is on. we have a report as the sun set on yet another day of stalemate as both frustration and concern in washington. >> reporter: it's just hours till markets open in the u.s. and all eyes are on washington to see how they react. they sense frustration and concern. you know, the president himself said if the markets take a hit, if the u.s. economy takes a hit because congress could not make a deal on the debt ceiling, that is a se
Jul 29, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >> and a very good afternoon to you from cnn hong kong. i'm manisha tank and it's friday, july 29. >>> the deadlines get closer and closer. >> and while washington remains in deadlock, what do investors and analysts have to say? we hear from some of the experts. >>> and if the u.s. does miss that deadline, the question is what happens? we'll be taking a look at the possibilities. >>> so we're getting closer and closer, yet another day passes, and it's the same old story in washington. there's still no awe agreement on reaching the debt celling and that leaves us just four days to go until the august 2nd deadline and a possible default. >> well, we thought we'd need to see progress late in washington. progress at least. inestate 10:00 p.m. local time the word came there wouldn't be a vote. republican house speaker john boehner failed to get enough support from his own caucus to bring his own debt ceiling plan to a vote. that plan would have raised the debt ceiling and cut spending but the ultimate conservative party, tea party, wants deeper cuts. >> the bill's not perfect. i never
Jul 13, 2011 1:00am PDT
business today." i'm pauline chu at cnn hong kong. >> i'm nina dos santos at rome. here are the top stories on wednesday, july 13th. italians set their differences aside to pass painful austerity measures, but bankers are still betting on a bailout. >>> china's economy cools slightly, but still hot enough to beat the forecast. >>> uk lawmakers close ranks to try and block news corp's bid for bskyb. first up though here in the italian capital, the government is preparing to speak to parliament for a marathon debate over the next couple days, designed to gain the necessary approval for painful austerity measures. these are ones designed to prevent this country from becoming the fourth eurozone nature to go cap in hand to the imf, the eu and the ecb. pauline. >>> european stock market investors are watching italy's debt crisis very closely. here is where they stand at the moment. let's take a look at the moment. the london ftse making some gains, so is the xetra dax t. zurich smi is pretty much flat at the moment on this wednesday morning. nina? >>> pauline, of course, the effects of italy's d
Jul 18, 2011 1:00am PDT
and bailed by police. it all starts at 2:30 in london and that's 9:30 p.m. right here in hong kong. nina. >> that coincides with our later edition of "world business today." so, of course, we'll bring you up to date. let's go to the market. high debt still remains a serious cause for concern on both sides of the atlantic and added to the uncertainty are the stress tests applied to some of europe's biggest banks. this is the way it's shaping up at the moment. it may be a question of playing it safe. the european stock markets, they're actually down on the first trading day of the week. this is where we stand as you can see. a number of those markets down in excess of 1%. if we look at shares of royal philips in the nectar land, they're moving smartly. up 1.73%. they reported more cutbacks. philips plans to cut more than $700 million in cuts after reporting its biggest loss in nearly a decade. it expects no improvement in its performance. the stock company trading at 17 euros and 67. mow nisha. >> you know what, nina? asian stocks have opened the new trading week lower. i think that would
Jul 11, 2011 4:00am EDT
business today." i'm charles hodson in london. >> and i'm paula chu in hong kong. >> "news of the world" is climbing the corporate ladder with reports that rebeba brooks is set to speak to police. >>> companies and consumers cry foul as australia's prime minister imposes a tax on the country's worst polluters. >>> they're trying to keep greece on tack. their grossing fears of the debt contagion is affecting italy. >> before all of that, let's take you to the stock markets and the aftershocks from friday's dismal stock report. only 18,000 jobs had been added in jeune in the u.s., much lower than expected. so unemployment ticked up 209.2% in the united states and it was a similar scene in europe where the markets opened down. charles, where do things stand at the moment. >> well, we're one hour into trading and we're looking at losses, big concerns over the solver debt crisis. report in a german newspaper is speculating that england may have to be included the bailout. so the european debt crisis is extending beyond grease, portugal and ireland and potentially italy. this is where we're l
Jul 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
, the day -- composite managed to end the day about .6% to the good. there once much movement for hong kong's hang seng and the nikkei slid .5%. hovering just above the 10,000 mark. tokyo electric power, mean mile, or tepco which runs that damaged fukushima dich chi power plant rose almost 616. that came amid reports it's considering selling almost 3 billion in shares. about half an hour ago, after the bell went, i suppose, in japan, japan's second largest carmaker nissan reported earnings, net earning for the quarter came in at $1.1 billion, ahead of expectations. >>> uncertainty continues to exist over the u.s. debt seal, investors are once again turning their attention towards the ultimate and traditional safe haven which is, of course, gold. that, in turn, is sending the price steeply north, hovering above about $1,623.63 an ounce. it's currently up about $4.38 at the moment. it is covering just a couple dollars below its all-time high that was just above $1,624 just the other day. gold very much the beneficiary here as everybody seeks a safe haven, manisha. >> very much so. piling into
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 12:00pm PDT
housing. at the top of the list is hong kong. what does at a time ticking be ranked the most economically free? well, they have low taxes and as i learn when i went there, they make it easy to become an entrepreneur. >> you are in hong kong, signing one form is all i had to do the next day i was running my own business. this opportunity to try. it's what made hong kong thrive. >> and hong kong have thrived. they have few natural resources. they don't have even democracy of them were ruled by the british for years and communist chinese are in charge but good news, most the brits and chinese left hong kong alone and left alone free people making themselves rich. it's amazing story, 50 years from poverty to income levels that are among the highest in the world. prosperity thanks to economic freedom. we should try that here. that is our show for tonight. good night. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body
Jul 13, 2011 4:00am PDT
the nikkei was up 37 points while in hong kong the hang seng rose 263. stocks slid for a third day in a row tuesday over europe's fiscal woes. a potential default by italy was the day's major concern, but a successful sale of new government bonds and austerity plans helped ease fears. investors also were relieved after euro-finance ministers hinted they were open to buying troubled greek bonds, signaling they have not ruled out a greek default. >>> also hurting shares early, in may the u.s. trade gap widened to its highest level in nearly three years. stocks bounced briefly after minutes from the fed's june meeting showed some fed officials unexpectedly suggested the possibility of more stimulus moves. by late in the day, moody's cut ireland's credit rating to junk status, putting an end to the short rally. techs tumbled on poor results from chipmakers. microchip technology plunged 12% after lowering expectations. novelis fell 11% after cutting its profit forecast. news corp rose more than 8% after the company, in the midst of a widening phone-hacking scandal, said it would buy back $5 bill
Jul 13, 2011 12:30am PDT
battle is looming over political freedom and hong kong. protesters are expected to join a pro-democracy rally on wednesday. it is a protest against the abolition of by-election. the issue began in january of last year when five members of the council collectively resigned to force by elections which they called a referendum on iraq -- democracy. all five were reelected although on a very low turnout after beijing candidates boycotted the polls. they call the vote a waste of money. the opposition said they were trying to stop the system of beijing. last week, more than 220,000 protesters showed up. what the opposition hopes to gain by staging a protest. >> they are showing public support for political freedom in hong kong. the government cannot say, we're going to ban elections without public consultation. the government has been forced into a position where it has to consult the public, something it is not used to. what people is hoping to achieve is to keep this subject in the public eye and give the public a voice. >> that was and marie evans in hong kong. a tourist result a
Jul 11, 2011 2:00am PDT
into the economy. let e let's go to kristie lu stout for your morning hit from hong kong. christy good morning. >> good morning, ali. >> it begins after hours markets close here this evening. are you getting any reaction to that already on asian markets. >> well, this is what we're looking at in european markets so fafrmt european markets have been down. fears about the debt crisis haven't been helping either. to answer your question, in asia, it's been pretty downbeat. we've seen a hefty selloff across much of the region. that, is again, reaction to what happened last week, that dismal u.s. jobs report. also on top of that, another inflation rise in china. despite beijing's continued efforts to pull rise prices and inflation in china soars to a three-year high in eun. now, banking stocks that sold, the crisis could spread to italy. in japan the striking yen is losing exporters. meanwhile in sid in the main aussie benchmark shed a percentage as the carbon plan. >> you mentioned more european debt. what's going on in italy? yeah. well top eu officials are set to meet later today in brussels. of
Jul 26, 2011 1:00am PDT
to you from cnn hong kong. i'm manisha tancht this is "world business today." these are the top stories on tuesday, july 26th. >> the u.s. president takes his case to the people as the country edges closer to default. >> and as the united states spends billions of dollars, some ends up in enemy hands. >>> bp lost its record last year but it's still somewhat business as usual. >>> let's go straight to the stock markets first of all. many analysts were expecting a bit of a selloff yesterday. guess what? it didn't happen and that has actually boosted confidence in asia this tuesday. we've seen some pretty good trading across the board, really a bounceback from what we saw on monday when people were really very cautious. in europe, meanwhile, a positive start there, but we're going to have to see how markets hold up. markets have been trading for a touch over an hour now, and we're going to have much more on that a little bit later on the show. we'll keep getting updates every time we see those numbers, charles. >>> obviously still persisting over the debt ceiling issue deal or i should say
Jul 28, 2011 1:00am PDT
hong kong. >>> just five days to go and no movement on the u.s. debt deal. investors are getting anxious. >> that's the mood on the markets but how is it looking from the corner office in the some ceos shed light on that issue. >>> another day passes and still there's no sign of progress in washington. there are now just five days to go until august 2nd as lawmakers remain at odds over raising the u.s. debt ceiling. if they don't come to an agreement by then, the united states could actually technically default on some of its $14.3 trillion worth of debt. and as you'd imagine, the repercussions around that would be felt right around the world. already on the european markets investors are getting jittery. let's have a look at how things are faring just about an hour into the trading session. all of the markets are firmly fixed into the red for the second day. heaviest losses coming for a second day from the cac 40. in the last hour or so, we have news that credit suisse, one of the world's largest banks, will be cutting about 2,000 jobs, about 40% of its total work force. it will
Jul 18, 2011 2:00am PDT
seng and ftse are down. let's go to kristie lu stout live from hong kong. how are investors reacting to markets this morning? >> hey, there. let's start down under. australia's main index is flat. shares of news corp fell nearly 4%, a two-year low. the reason we all know why, the phone-hacking scandal. in hong kong the market closed down .03%. the 8% slide in chipmaker smic. tokyo was closed for public holiday. in europe stock marketed all in the red given those ongoing debt fears in u.s. and europe. one bright spot, gold is going the other way, hitting a record high. >> continued concerns about debt in europe and u.s. having this effect on gold. this is another big week for wall street, independent of these debt ceiling concerns. >> that's right. america ace biggest, most influential companies are handing in their report cards this week. investors expect this will be a crucial moment for the market given the concerns about the u.s. economy. but we should keep in mind historically speaking, second quarter earnings are usually the weakest of the year. today, got to look out for big na
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >> a very good afternoon to you from cnn hong kong, i'm alicia tank. >> good morning from cnn london. you're watching "world business today." time to testify, news corp boss rupert murdoch, his son james and ex-news international chief rebekah brooks will prepare to face british legislators. >>> two giants of tech as ibm powers ahead but cisco loses its way. >>> and banks lead the losses as debt ditherring continues to drag the world stock markets. >>> rupert murdoch's power and influence will be put to the test later today. he and also his son, james, will be facing uk legislators in just a few hours from now. they'll also be alongside rebekah brooks, former editor of the "news of the world." it's expected to be a harsh grilling for the three individuals over what they knew about alleged phone hacking at the london tabloid "news of the world." those allegations have done quite as much to damage rupert murdoch's reputation as they've done to "news of the world's" stock. it's been plummeting. >> the company's become the target of a hack attack itself. lulzsec is claiming a hack attack with
Jul 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
and hong kong, it was a choppy session where property stocks were under pressure. they will limit the number of homes families can buy in smaller cities. china is trying to control housing speculation after selling increased 31% by last month. but by the end of trade, it regained ground and ended the day up by almost a third of a percent there. the main aussie benchmark town by about 0.4%. and stocks on wall street started strong on thursday, but they limped to the finish after ben bernanke weighed in after hinting at what could have been interpreteded as another round of stimulus, bernanke told lawmakers that the fed is not ready at this point to take further action to boost the economy. at the close, the dow was off by half of one percent, the nasdaq had lost more than 1% and the s&p 500 had fallen about two-thirds of 1%. after the bell google was up 36% from a year earlier. >>> as we were giving a hint earlier ouks the banking sector here in europe will be in focus a bit later on today. these european banks have had their second health check. results due out a bit later on toda
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am EDT
in london. "world business today" starts now. >>> good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm pauline chu. >> from cnn london i'm charles hobson. anxious investors dump their stocks as europe struggles to contain its growing debt crisis. >> macarthur coal rallies on a $5 billion buyout bid. >> politics, high finance and criminal allegations, the whirlwinds rocking rupert murdoch's mighty mediame empire. >>> markets in europe are deep in the red on heels of steep markets across asia. how are things moving where you are? >> down, a third session of losses and quite heavy ones. let's check in with the markets. really quite heavy, off by more than 2%, comfortably more than 2%, and with the paris and zurich off by 2.1%, zurich off by more than 2.1% and the same theme as we saw in monday's session which is the banks very heavily being sold at the moment heavily, there is clearing great deal of worry about the contagion spreading to italy about this moving into a generalized crisis with a lot of banks really coming under pressure with non-performing government bonds on their books, and just one
Jul 6, 2011 5:00am EDT
for your tablet. we'll find out at 1:00 p.m. awesome eastern time today. christi lou stab in hong kong. how are the markets doing, christi? >> hey, ali. it's been a mixed day in the stock markets. the nikkei in tokyo rose to a four-month high. that gives the longest winning streak for two years. in europe it's been pretty much a down beat start to the day. all the markets are currently in the red. ali, back to you. >> netflix. i'm a big netflix user, by the way. i get the discs sent to my house. they're going global in a big way. they've come a long way from the days they mail out the dvds. >> even though they're not in hong kong. but they're making a big move to latin america. they will expand to 43 companies in south america. they made the first international move to canada. late last year you can see it clearly wants to be a global company, but it's going to be pricey. the company said it would lose up to $70 million in the second half of this year from overseas operation. but investors in the states are cheering the move. the news sent netflix shares soaring 8% on tuesday. ali? >> krist
Jul 15, 2011 12:00am PDT
, bachelorette ashley was in hong kong to narrow her harem down to six. they surprised her by bringing bentley out to visit. bentley is the guy, if you don't watch the show, who pretended to be interested in ashley but then said terrible things about her when she wasn't around. of course she fell madly in love with him. tonight, he flew all the way to hong kong to give her closure. which is the chinese word for crabs i think, right? they talked things out in his hotel room. after watching ashley tear her hair out over this guy for weeks, i'm glad she finally did something about it. >> i think you're here for a purpose and i think that knowing that i'm home it's -- it doesn't look good. for me and you. >> so you came all the way here and you could have just talked to me on the phone? >> i wanted to see you. >> why? >> jimmy: i think that's -- [ cheers and applause ] what should have h hpened. we're going to speak to ashley about the bentley situation in a few minutes. i'm not exactly sure of why they took the show to hong kong. it's not your typical romantic destination. usually they go somewhe
Jul 15, 2011 12:00am EDT
the way to hong kong to give her closure. which is the chinese word for crabs i think, right? they talked things out in his hotel room. after watching ashley tear her hair out over this guy for weeks, i'm glad she finally did something about it. >> i think you're here for a purpose and i think that knowing that i'm home it's -- it doesn't look good. for me and you. >> so you came all the way here and you could have just talked to me on the phone? >> i wanted to see you. >> why? >> jimmy: i think that's -- [ cheers and applause ] what should have happened. we're going to speak to ashley about the bentley situation in a few minutes. i'm not exactly sure of why they took the show to hong kong. it's not your typical romantic destination. usually they go sosowhere where there's a beach. even the show itself seemed different. >> that scoundrel bentley has betrayed your honor for the last time. something must be done. >> what do you propose? >> i shall vanquish him. he shall perish beneath the might of my fist. >> ooh, really? >> i swear it shall be so. indeed. >> master ames. i choose you. >> o
Jul 8, 2011 7:00pm PDT
in manila, 33 in hong kong. 35, the heat getting all the way up there in beijing. 33 in tokyo. it's set to be above average for the next several days. 23 meanwhile, much cooler in ulan batour. southwest of mexico, let's see what's happening with tropical storm calvin. it's heading northwest over the water. it is strengthening but moving slowly at the moment. i think this one is probably going to dissipate over water in the next five days and shouldn't cause much problem before it does so. we'll keep an eye on it. certainly you will see scattered thunderstorms along the western coast of mexico. heading up to canada, western canada seeing a large low pressure system dominating bringing thunderstorms down into the northern plains. large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain expected anywhere you see it in the yellow here. another area of severe storms pushing up into the midatlantic. it's safe to say along the atlantic seaboard it looks unstable for the next 24 hours. temperaturewise, around about 30 in d.c. and atlanta. new york, also seeing 27. meanwhile, 28 in chicago. 37 in houston. 43 i
Jul 22, 2011 7:00pm PDT
was immediate. >> translator: these are from hong kong, and these are from the usa. they sent me lots of stickers. >> reporter: today, she's divided the class into teams for a game. when the game is over, each child receives a sticker. thanks to her devoted efforts over the past month, the kids are starting to smile again. >> translator: it's easy to understand and interesting. >> translator: i'm so happy i got a sticker. it's fun. >> translator: i want to go abroad and play with all kinds of people. >> translator: what i try to do is get the children to understand that we are all leading the same difficult lives as evacuees. my message is you are not alone, so let's get through this together. >> reporter: alison's attempts to make her students smile are helping the children through a very uncertain time. >>> earlier we spoke with alison on the phone. she lives in fukushima prefecture. >> alison, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> now, teaching over 500 kids all by yourself must be very hard. what keeps you motivated? >> through my lessons i hope the children can
Jul 1, 2011 11:30pm EDT
volemos con las propuestas en hong kong tras un nuevo aniversario de el ingreso de esa comunidad a la mbiÉveremos mejores momentos del partih@univisionno@ uni-edtr. >> de manifestantes ocuparon la calle central en el distrito capital de hong kong. se sentaron en la vida y corearon consignas contra el jefe de gobierno local pidiendo su renuncia la policÍa arrestÓ a mÁs de un centenar de manifestantes. imar kadhafi enviÓ un mensaje permitido quedarse del poder. advirtiÓ a la otan queretire su fuerza aÉrea o se prepare para la que Él calificÓ como una catÁstrofe. el lunes una corte penal internacional emitiÓ una orden de arresto en su contra. las nubes del volcÁn puyehue diera un respiro a las localidades turÍsticas argentinas. villa la angostura volviÓ a hacer la becaria preferida de los turistas que llegan en esta Época del aÑo a esquiar. el prÍncipe alberto de mÓnaco, heredero de una dinastÍa que reinahace mÁs de 300 aÑos, y la ex campeona de nado charlene wittstock, contras eran hoy matrimonio civil.t uni-h@not uÉ marido y mujer sonrieron y se dieron u
Jul 22, 2011 1:00am PDT
-- >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and from cnn hong kong, i'm manisha tank. these are the top stories on july 22nd. >>> now the real test is what do investors have to say about it. >>> deadlocked. debt talks may be little progress as a default deadline gets closer. >>> and the uk phone-hacking scandal takes dramatic new twist as james murdoch is accused of misleading mps. >>> before all that, a bailout and a default of sort. european leaders in brussels have reached a deal to give greece a second bailout. and as you can see, that's been pretty well received on the european stock markets. european policy makers hope the deal, which is worth almost a quarter of a trillion dollars will contain europe's debt crisis and give greece more breektding room. jim boulden explains. >> after more than seven hours of talks here in brussels, the leaders of the euro-zone, the imf and the european central bank have struck a deal that they say will calm the markets, will help greece, and will help the euro. first of all, they agreed to a second loan for greece,
Jul 15, 2011 5:00am EDT
at this hour. let's go to hong kong, asian and european stocks seem to be reacting to a combination of economic news, including what's happening here in the united states. >> let's fine out why. as you said, european markets are slitding. investors are worried about debt. they are worried about how the u.s. debt talks are in dead lock and stan doord and poo's threatening to cut bond rates. and banks finding out if they're tough enough to take another shock. the stress test results are due out mid-day in new york, as many as one bank in nine is expected to fail this test. so there is a lot to unnerve global investors on this date. >> let's talk about google. i joined google plus the other day. i didn't have an invitation, i said it on this show. one of our viewers sent me an invitation and i joined. you know how many google plus friends i have? >> you have one, because i just added you into my circle. >> oh, mied gy god, i had nobod my circle. thank you. i'm one of the 10 million-plus people on google plus. what an all-star second quarter that company has had. >> you said it. i mean, google beat
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Jul 24, 2011 2:00am PDT
government spending and guarantees for things like housing. at the top of the list is hong kong. what does it take to be ranked the most economically free? well, they have no taxes and as i learned when i went from for abc, they make it easy being an entrepreneur. when i handed in one form. the next day i was running my own business, stossel enterprises. even dumb ideas is what made hong kong thrive. they've thrived and have few natural resources, hong kong is just a rock in the middle of the ocean. don't have democracy, they were ruled by the british for years and the communist chinese is now in charge. most brits and chinese largely left hong kong alone and left alone, free people make themselves rich. an amazing story in just 50 years went from horrible poverty to income levels that are among the highest in the world. prosperity, thanks to economic freedom. we should try that here. that's our show for tonight. good night. the nascar natio, i know pleasing fans is a top priority, 'cause without the fans, there'd be no nascar. just like if it weren't for customers, there'd be no nationwid
Jul 25, 2011 4:00am PDT
washington failed to reach a deal to raise the debt limit. japan's nikkei and hong kong's hang seng were off 0.8%. stocks in this country open this morning after a mixed closing on friday. last week the dow finished down 43 points while the nasdaq was up 24. >>> in hong kong this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton tried to calm overseas markets. clinton spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce. hong kong appealing to china and other nations not to lose faith in the u.s. economy. asia owns nearly a third of publicly held u.s. government debt. >>> this is probably not news to you. it's costing more to feed your family. the bureau of labor statistics says food at home component of the recent consumer price index surged 5% on an annual basis. this is the biggest price increase by grocers since 2004. >>> facebook may be facing some serious competition. google's new social networking site google plus is making some real inroads on the web. google says they racked up 20 million unique visitors in just three weeks. >>> and it was a super hero that topped the box office this weekend. "captain a
Jul 1, 2011 1:00am PDT
combined ancestory a chinese mother from hong kong and japanese father from hawaii gave her a unique asspect much the language of threads, dreaming water and others. please, help me welcome gale sukiama. [applause] >> so that means if you have read the book you will not be buying the book? [laughter]. i'm always feel a little embarrassed because i looked back and i kept think thanksgiving book was published in 1993 who wants to hear about it now? i feel honored that we call it those in the know or good friends of mine call at this time energizer bunny. it's the book that somehow kept going all these yeersz. i will tell you up front it was a book i thought that may be they wouldn't publish. my very first book was women of the silk. i knew that i was writing about something that was a little bit different because i didn't know about the women of the silk until i wanted to write something telling their story much the second book is the test book for us writers you hear that a lot where the publishers are wondering if the author has a second book. everybody here i feel sitting here all
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